Hidden Household Hazard: Laundry Lint

Every year Kitchener fire fighters battle flames that are directly blamed on poor laundry room maintenance. It takes just seconds for laundry lint to spark, start a fire, and spread. However, this is one hazard that is preventable.

Patrick Stradiotto, Owner/Operator of Dryer Vent Wizard, says, "If your unit continues to stop mid cycle, that's a warning sign. There's a reason why it's shutting down. If the top of the unit is very hot to the touch, or even your clothes when you take them out, they're damp or they're very hot, that's because hot air isn't getting out of the home."

If the hot air isn't getting out of the house, it means the dryer vent is obstructed, often by a build up of lint. Dryer manufacturers recommend having your dryer vent cleaned annually to prevent such clogs from forming and becoming a hazard.

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