As part of our commitment to keeping our community safer, Dryer Vent Wizard of the Golden Triangle shares industry knowledge with Guelph, ON residents. Learn about dryer vent safety, warning signs, and news here!

Dryer Vent Wizard Presents a Cheque to the City of Kitchener - Fire Department

What a rewarding day today was! I had an opportunity to present the City of Kitchener - Fire Department, Chief Jon Rehill and Fire Prevention Officer Kevin Schmalz a $500 cheque from Dryer Vent Wizard, for their work in community education about fire prevention. During the summer I had an opportunity to participated in their open Fire Hall family day and I was amazed at the level of community...

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We've Been Presented with the 'Best of 2017 Homestars' Award! Thank You!

Thank you to all my clients for taking the time to write a HomeStars review during 2016. Thanks for the feedback, the comments and your ongoing business. It's because of you, I humbly accepted the "Best of 2017 HomeStars" award for South Western Ontario!!

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If Your Dryer is Not Working, You Don’t Need to Have It Repaired, You Need a Wizard!

Many people misread the signs of dryer vent issues as larger mechanical problems with the appliance. If your dryer is not working properly it’s more likely that you need a Dryer Vent Wizard than an appliance repair mechanic.

Clean Out Your Vents, Not Your Wallet
A dryer that doesn’t function well doesn’t usually need to be replaced or fixed. Buying a new dryer or calling an...

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Golden Triangle Dryer Vent Wizard - Business Profile

Golden Triangle Dryer Vent Wizard: Your Dryer Vent Installation & Repair Experts

Your clothes dryer saves the family vast amounts of time and energy. It adds quality of life that would have been unimaginable in previous centuries. It is also perhaps one of the most overlooked items in the home, when it comes to proper care and maintenance - until now! Guelph and the surrounding...

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Meet Guelph’s Dryer Vent Wizard

GUELPH – Clogged or improperly installed dryer vents can reduce the efficiency of your machine. They can drive up your electrical bills, and, according to the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, they are a leading cause of house fires.

"The fire marshal reports one house fire caused by dryers every two days in Ontario," said Patrick Stradiotto. "I never knew...

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