Dryer Has Finally Been Properly Vented


Patrick has just been unofficially adopted as a new big brother. We have a stackable washer/dryer on the second floor. That means the hose goes into the ceiling and through the roof. Right? Wrong. The dryer hose fell out of the ceiling. After a few false starts, we hit a company who highly recommended Dryer Vent Wizards. So we called and thoroughly read through the website. I wanted someone who would do more than stick the hose back into the ceiling. Patrick didn't like the current hose set up behind the dryer and then checked the attic. NO VENTING SET UP WHATSOEVER IN THE ATTIC! 16 years of dryer fluff venting directly into the attic. Sigh. At least there was no mold. The roof vent was present. But no pipes set up between the dryer hose and the roof vent. Really? So Patrick did a complete re-vent of the system: new hose and pipe off the dryer, proper venting in the attic. Fortunately the roof vent was okay. Now I can rest, knowing the dryer has finally been properly vented. Thanks, Patrick!

-Barbara, Guelph

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